Mission Statement

MAHAP is committed to promote excellence in Patient Access Services through education, networking, and active participation in the healthcare industry.




By-laws and any amendments thereto shall be binding on all members, including those who have voted against the by-laws or amendments. Hereafter, by-laws will be adopted.

Article I

Section 1
The name of the organization shall be the Michigan Alliance of Healthcare Access Professionals, hereafter referred to as MAHAP.

Article 11

Section 1
Provide ongoing mentorship, communication, and education to and for our organization members and others in support of the revenue cycle.

Section 2
Strengthen the role of healthcare access professionals to promote recognition for professional excellence.

Section 3
Promote ethics for quality patient care access while maintaining fiscal viability.

Section 4
Provide networking opportunities.

Section 5
Provide consultation, direction, and discussion at local, state, and federal levels on all issues that impact healthcare access.

Article III

Section 1
To further the purpose set forth in Article II, but not in limitation thereof, MAHAP shall have the power to collect and disseminate statistics and other information, conduct investigations and studies, and promote educational opportunities and activities as a professional organization.

Section 2
In discharging their duties, the Board of Directors, acting in good faith, may substantiate the validity of financial recorded statements, by having the power to request an independent investigation and written record by an independent Certified Public Accountant or firm of such accountants.

Article IV

Section 1
Membership shall be granted to those individuals who hold positions in fields pertaining to or supporting healthcare access and revenue cycle functions.

Section 2
Membership year will be defined as Fall Conference to Fall Conference.

Section 3
An active member is a member whose dues are paid to date.

Section 4
There shall be no limit to the number of members from the same facility.

Section 5
New members will be accepted in MAHAP at any time.

Article V

Section 1
The Board of Directors shall determine the annual dues for the calendar year.

Section 2
The fiscal year is defined as Fall Conference to Fall Conference.

Section 3
If renewal dues are not received by December 31st, the membership, including correspondence, shall be terminated.

Section 4
Corporate Sponsorship at the annual fall conference will include one paid Corporate Membership for the following year.

Section 5
Membership is not transferrable.

Article VI

Section 1
There shall be three types of memberships in MAHAP:

a) Active (full) Membership: Entitled to one vote per each paid annual membership, eligible to hold an office or serve as a committee member.

b) Honorary Membership: Granted, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, with no charge for membership. The Board, for renewal at the Fall Board meeting, will review honorary membership annually. It may be given to former active members, who have made a significant contribution to healthcare access or revenue cycle functions, or, to an Official from another organization that impacts healthcare access or revenue cycle functions. An honorary member is not entitled to vote, hold office, or serves as a committee chairperson, but may serve as a committee member unless specifically prohibited by the by-laws. Honorary members may be nominated by any active member in good standing, and, upon nomination, may be appointed by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Article VII

Section 1
All members must complete an application form and forward it to the Membership Chair, with payment.

Section 2
Membership will be effective upon the date of receipt.

Section 3
Any member of the organization charged with conduct detrimental to the goals and objectives of the organization or in violation of the by-laws may be suspended or expelled from the organization, without membership reimbursement, by the vote of the Board of Directors.

Article VIII

Section 1
Members shall be entitled to vote.

Section 2
Voting for officers of MAHAP shall be by confidential ballot.

Section 3
All other voting shall be done by open vote.

Section 4
A decision made by a simple majority of the number voting shall be binding.

Section 5
There shall be no proxy voting.

Article IX

Section 1
The Board of Directors shall consist of elected officers and chairpersons of all standing committees. Their respective duties are as follows:

The president shall serve a term of two (2) years and preside at all meetings and shall be an ex-officio member (with a vote) of all committees. He or she shall appoint all committee chairpersons with the approval of the Board of Directors. The President shall serve as Immediate Past President for two (2) consecutive years.

The President-elect shall serve a term of two (2) years and assume the duties of the President and complete the President’s term in case of resignation or incapacitation. Upon completion of his or her term in office, the President-elect shall serve as President. He or she will be responsible for conducting meetings in the absence of the President. The President-elect shall serve as the Chairperson of the Educational Conference.

The Immediate Past President shall serve on the Board of Directors for two (2) consecutive years, and be responsible for the annual review of the By-Laws.

The Secretary shall serve for two (2) years. The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the minutes of all the Board of Directors meetings. The Secretary shall carry out all the office correspondence on behalf of the organization, coordinate correspondence to and from the membership, and assume other duties delegated by the Board of Directors.

The Treasurer shall serve for two (2) years. The Treasurer shall maintain a bank account in the name of MAHAP and shall sign all checks authorized by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer is responsible for reporting at all educational sessions.

All standing Committee Chairpersons will serve as a member of the Board of Directors (Refer to Article XI)


Section 2
Signatures of the President and Treasurer shall be registered as designees on all legal documents, in accordance with the state and federal regulations, including the bank depository for MAHAP funds.

Section 3
Board members shall turn over all records, bank accounts, cash, etc., to their successors subsequent to the election of the Board members or the appointment of a new Chairperson.

Section 4
All Board Members and Committee chairpersons, upon acceptance of an office or chair in the organization, shall fulfill the duties of the office according to established Job Descriptions and by participation through attending at least four (4) of the meetings during the year:
- Two (2) Board Meetings
- Four (4) General Educational Meetings
If a Board Member or committee Chairperson does not fulfill the duties of their office or chair either through neglect, illness, or change of circumstances, the Officer or Chair may be relieved of all duties by a vote of the Board of Directors. A new Officer shall be elected by special election, or a new Chair appointed, within thirty (30) days of the vacancy, consistent with the regulations specified in the by-laws, with the exception of the President, as per Article IX, Section 1b.

Section 5
Resignations must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors. A special election must be made or appointment made with thirty (30) days by the Board of Directors.

Section 6
The assets of MAHAP may be used at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall neither abuse its privileges, nor act indiscriminately, by incurring any debts or liabilities, or any combination of debts and liabilities, exceeding the assets of the association.

Article X

Section 1
Nomination for the election of Board of Directors shall be held in February of each year, alternating as follows: President-elect and the Secretary in one year; Treasurer in the next year.

Section 2
The following eligibility requirements shall be met when placing a name in nomination:

a) Nominee must hold a position in a field pertaining to or supporting Healthcare Access or revenue cycle functions.

b) Nominee must be an active member in the organization for no less that six (6) months

c) Nominees for the office of President-elect must have served previously as an officer, committee chairperson, or a committee member of the organization.

d) All nominations must be approved for by-law compliance and each nominee, prior to being listed on the ballot, must approve each nomination.

Section 3
A ballot sent to all active members at least thirty (30) days in advance of the Spring General Educational Session shall elect all officers. Completed ballots shall be returned to the Nominating Committee Chairperson at least two (2) weeks prior to the Spring General Education Session.

Section 4
Newly elected officers shall assume responsibility following the Spring General Educational Session.

Section 5

If a Board Member voluntarily resigns, the President with a majority vote by the Board Members shall select an active member to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term. If the President position becomes vacant, refer to Article IX, Section 1b.

Section 6
The Board of Directors shall consist of the elected officers and the committee Chairpersons, as well as the Immediate Past President of MAHAP, who may remain in the advisory capacity as a member of the Board of Directors for up to two (2) additional consecutive years, with voting privileges.

Section 7
All Board Members shall perform the duties of the respective positions in good faith, diligence, care, and skill. Inability to execute responsibilities or attend a majority of meetings as defined in Article XII, Sections 1 and 2 shall result in removal from office.

Article XI

Section 1
The term of each Chairperson shall be at the discretion of the President with Board approval.

Section 2
The following committees shall be standing permanent committees of the organization. Chairpersons will serve as members of the Board of Directors and shall utilize Job Descriptions to assist in the fulfilling of their responsibilities:

The program Chairperson(s) shall be responsible for the planning of programs and arranging of meeting places.

The Education Committee Chairperson(s) shall develop educational programs for members, communicate all approved projects (i.e. CHAM and CHAA training sessions, surveys, etc.) to the membership. The Education Committee Chairperson(s) or designee shall proctor the CHAM and CHAA exams.

The membership Chairperson(s) shall conduct membership renewal and an annual membership drive to increase the number of members in the organization. Update and post membership list to the MAHAP website quarterly.

The Nominating Chairperson(s) shall submit to the Board of Directors all nominations for elected officers, in compliance with existing by-laws. The committee shall prepare and distribute ballots to all active members. The committee shall tally ballots and notify the President of the election results. The nominating Chair will notify the candidates of the election results.

The Legislative/third Party Update Chairperson(s) shall submit a summary of updates extracted from various publications and other forums at all Educational Sessions.

The Advisory Chairperson(s) consists of professionals with expertise as needed to work in an advisory capacity regarding special projects, including, but not limited, to gathering of information for the MAHAP web site.

g) Corporate Sponsor Committee:
The Corporate Sponsor Chairperson (s) consists of Corporate Sponsor members who will coordinate Corporate Sponsor activities such as Technology Hour at General Education Sessions, display time at General Education Sessions and Corporate Sponsor activities at the Fall Education Conference.

Section 3
Committee Chairperson(s) shall be voting members of the Board of Directors.

Section 4
Committee members shall not be eligible to cast a vote on Board issues.

Section 5
The Board of Directors shall create additional committees as necessity dictates.

Article XII

Section 1

MAHAP will offer General Education sessions throughout the year and sponsor one (1) Annual Education Conference. General Education Session frequency and dates for the next program year (Fall Conference – June of the next year) will be determined by the Board of Directors and published by June 1. The Board of Directors will consider the economic climate, facility budget constraints, MAHAP budget constraints, general membership input, and ability to provide timely and relevant program content when scheduling General Education Session frequency and dates. Information on General Education Session and the Annual Educational Conference will be posted on the MAHAP website and may also be distributed via email, mail or fax. Members may bring a guest (s) at any time. Members and guest (s) will be required to pay a registration fee.

Original language: There shall be a minimum of three (3) General Educational Sessions throughout the year and one (1) Annual Educational Conference, as determined by the Board of Directors. Information on General Educational Sessions and the Annual Educational Conference will be posted on the MAHAP website and may also be distributed via email, mail or fax. Members may bring a guest(s) at any time. Members and guest(s) will be required to pay a registration fee.

Section 2
The Board of Directors shall meet ar least two (2) times a year to carry out its defined duties. A Board of Directors meeting shall take place within thirty (30) days of the Spring Educational Session.

Section 3
The President may call special meetings of the Board.

Section 4
Special meetings of the membership may be called by the President and/or Board, or requested in writing by a majority of members of MAHAP. A ten (10) day notice of any special meeting must be given to the members of MAHAP. The notice must state the objective of the meeting.

Article XIII

Section 1
Amendments to these by-laws shall be presented and voted on by the Board of Directors. Notification of changes will be sent to the membership. Amendments to the by-laws shall be binding on all members.

Article XIV

Section 1
In the event of dissolution, all remaining assets of MAHAP shall, after necessary expenses have been paid, be distributed to such other non-profit organizations within the healthcare access field or revenue cycle function, as directed by active membership at the time of dissolution.

Revised: December 5, 2013